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Weight Loss Lose Weight in an Effective & Healthy Way

Download this FREE Weight Loss book if you are serious about getting into shape, then consider developing and following a well-balanced weight loss program. Here are some tips on how to come up with a program that will work well with your current state of health and help you to incrementally work toward your goals.

Lose weight in an effective and healthy way. 

You many have used a weight loss diet program that undermined your health, caused physical discomfort, flatulence, and ultimately lead to disappointment. 

Weight Loss Lose Weight in an Effective & Healthy Way
 Weight Loss Lose Weight in an Effective & Healthy Way

Then you started regaining weight, shortly after losing it. To remain healthy one must consume a balanced diet, which includes a variety of foods for safe, healthy, and permanent weight reduction.
Eat less fat. Eat more fat. Carbs are bad. Carbs are good. Nutrition advice changes so often, no wonder so many people are confused.

But when it comes to calories, the advice to consume fewer of them seems set in stone. After all, "a calorie is a calorie"-Right?   Wrong.

For years, we've been told that if we "eat less and exercise more," we'll lose weight. That recommendation is based on the belief that we need burn more calories than we take in. But this doesn't tell the whole story. As it turns out, it isn't the number of calories you consume that really affects your weight and your health. It's the type of calorie.

Its true the calories you eat are actually absorbed at different rates. And the different amounts of fiber, carbohydrates, protein, fat, and nutrients in these calories can have very different effects on your metabolism. There's no difference between a thousand calories of kidney beans and a thousand calories of a low-fat muffin until they're metabolized. As you can see, apparently food isn't just a source of energy it's a source of operating instructions for your body. 
Calories 101

So what is a calorie anyway? Simply put, a calorie is just a unit of energy. When we eat food, chemical processes that make up our metabolism break this food down and turn it into energy. Burning this energy lets us do what we need and want to do-from breathing to running a marathon.

It's like your car: You have to put fuel in it to make it run. For people, food is our fuel. Calories are what help us "run."

The Dieting Myth

Just like high-quality fuel is better for your car than the cheap stuff, some calories are better for our metabolism than others. That idea flies in the face of conventional diet wisdom, but its true-and science backs it up.

For example, recent studies show that high-carb diets can boost insulin and blood sugar levels. The result? Weight gain (not to mention high cholesterol and triglycerides). On the other hand, people who eat a healthy low-carb diet that's rich in vegetables, whole grains, beans, and lean animal protein but consume more calories than low-fat dieters actually lose more weight!

As you can see, the kinds of calories you consume can have a big impact on weight gain, because different foods are metabolized in different ways. Food "talks" to your genes, giving your metabolism specific instructions whether to lose weight or gain weight, speed up or slow down the aging process, increase or decrease your cholesterol level, and produce molecules that increase or decrease your appetite.

No wonder you can feel like you're doing everything right and still not lose weight!

The Whole Truth

If you want to lose weight and be healthy, you have to send your body the right messages. That means living in harmony with your genes. This means different things for different people. Depending on our genes, some of us may need more carbs, protein, or fat than others.

But there's one basic principle that works for everyone: Base your diet on whole, unprocessed foods. Foods that are in their natural state talk to your genes the most effectively and were designed by nature to keep you at a healthy weight.

Check out these tips on how to come up with a program that will work well with your current state of health and help you to incrementally work toward your weight loss goals." 

You'll Discover...

Getting Started

How to Structure Your Weight Loss Program
Trimming Your Waste Line
Handle Fast Weight Loss with Care

Eating For Weight Loss

The Benefits of Eating Organic Foods
The Benefits of Eating Raw Food (not meat)
The Importance of Water
Why Herbal Teas are good for you
The Dangers of Fast Food

Alternatives: Are They Really Right For You

Weight Loss Diet Pill
What Can a Weight Loss Diet Pill Do For You?
Weight Loss Hypnosis
Weight Loss Surgery

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Weight Loss Lose Weight in an Effective & Healthy Way
Weight Loss Lose Weight in an Effective & Healthy Way
Weight Loss Lose Weight in an Effective & Healthy Way

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